The 12 Nail Polishes of Christmas

Hallelujah! A new post at EMB. It must be a Christmas Miracle!

Just kidding. As some of you who follow my non-beauty blogs already know, the last part of 2013 was particularly difficult for me and my family. I don’t plan on rehashing it here, but it seems that for the moment, everything is good– or at the least, stable. So I may have enough emotional energy to start this blog up again. That is something I would like to do! I have lots of things I’d like to share– new beauty favorites to swatch, new shiny things to share.

But for now: The 12 Nail Polishes of Christmas!  I think it’s caught on that I’m a bit of a polish addict these days. My polish stash has topped 100, and shows no sign of slowing down.  I received a lot of polish for the holidays this year, and I picked up some long-desired polishes for myself, as well.

Without further ado: pretty polishes!

AEngland: Saint George, Fonteyn, Briarwood

First up, these three beauties from AEngland: Saint George from the permanent collection (a deep teal holo), Fonteyn from the Ballerina Collection (a delicate silvery-lavender holo), and Briarwood from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection (a reddened burgundy holo). US folks can purchase these at Llarowe or Ninja Polish, among other stockists.

I’ve worn Briarwood on my nails (pic after the jump) and Saint George on my toes. Both had absolutely impeccable formulas. I can see why the brand has such fierce devotees– I may yet become one. Truly flawless two coaters. I mean, you could probably get away with just one coat, but I tend to do two as a rule.

A England: Briarwood

This is Briarwood on my nails, if you’ll forgive my horrendous cuticles. In my defense, it was Christmas Eve, and I’d been packaging orders and wrapping presents and generally contending with icky wintery dryness. There may also have been wine involved. I gave ’em a good manicure and scrub up when this polish came off.

Anyway, you can see the lovely saturated red-burgundy, and some of the holo. A very classy color for winter and fall. Thanks, Miss K!

Formula X For Sephora: Kaledoscope, Astonishing

Next up, two gifts from my husband– two polishes from Formula X For Sephora. The one on the left is Kaleidoscope from the Transformers collection. In the bottle it looks like a glass-fleck finish blue-to-purple duochrome. According to the website, this is supposed to be a topcoat that you use to transform other polishes, so it’s probably very sheer. In any case, it reminds me a lot of an old beloved polish, DVD by Sally Hansen.

Formula X For Sephora: Kaleidoscope, Astonishing

The one on the right is Astonishing from the Celestials collection, a deep purple textured polish. It appears to have tiny pink and silver glitter in it, and I hope that translates to the nail.

Takko Lacquer: Wanderlust

This is Wanderlust by Takko Lacquer. I have been desperately in lust with it since I saw another blogger’s swatch of it. Lookee! It’s a squishy greyed-out lilac with vibrant turquoise shimmer. Like most of Takko’s lineup, it’s incredibly unique– and also virtually impossible to obtain. But I persevered. Hopefully I can get my mitts on Kiss The Sky next.

Takko Lacquer: Wanderlust

Some of the shimmery prettiness showed up in this pic.

Illamasqua: Stance

This is Stance by Illamasqua. It is amazeballs. This was the crowning achievement of my husband’s holiday gifting.

It’s a near-neon magenta with a not-quite cream, not-quite jelly finish.  It matches my hair (and my purse, and my wallet) almost exactly.  The formula is a DREAM. (I mean, there’s a reason it got an A+ from Temptalia.) Two coats to opacity, three to darken it up a little. Man, this color pops!

Illamasqua: Stance

See? I told you I fixed my cuticles.

Enchanted Polish: Purple Roses, Indigo Bananas: Spectraflair Holographic Topcoat 25+, 2% Butterscotch Ripple

Time for some indies. On the far left is Purple Roses by Enchanted Polish, another almost-always-sold-out brand. (Thanks again, Miss K!) It’s my first Enchanted bottle, and I can’t wait to try it out. In the bottle, it appears to be a soft lilac holo. This is going to look super dreamy in the spring!

Enchanted Polish: Purple Roses, Indigo Bananas: Spectraflair Holo Topcoat 25+, 2% Butterscotch Ripple

The next two bottles are from Indigo Bananas. They’re another indie brand known for cool duochromes and multichromes. I have several of the polishes on my wishlist, but my first dip into the pool was for the Spectraflair Holo Top Coat 25+, a transforming holo top coat, and 2% Butterscotch Ripple, a bee-you-ti-ful color-shifting glitter polish. It has a plummy base packed with golden green glitter, and it’s so unique! I personally love purple/gold shimmer polishes, so I was worried that this would be too close to something like Zoya’s Daul that I already have in my stash, but it’s absolutely not! For one, the glitters are larger (but not gaudily so), and for two, the color shift is absolutely mesmerizing.  Check out the listing for more pics!

Oooh, this company is going to be bad for my wallet.

INLP: Cygnus Loop, Nostalgia

Last up are these stunning multichromes by I Love Nail Polish. The first is Cyngus Loop, which just may be the multi-chromiest multichrome I’ve ever seen, shifting from midnight blue backwards through the rainbow.

INLP: Cygnus Loop, Nostalgia

I purchased it with Nostalgia after looking at a swatch for less than a minute. Nostalgia is a multichrome that gives you teal, bright green, copper, and gold. I was sold the moment I saw these amazeballs butterfly nails done by Emily Denise Photography. I may try to emulate them, as I’ve been considering doing butterfly nails for ages, but haven’t yet bought a nail pen.

So there you have it, the 12 Nail Polishes of Christmas. Hope to see you guys a lot more in 2014!


One thought on “The 12 Nail Polishes of Christmas

  1. I tried the ILNP multichrome (Cygnus Loop) last night… and it’s already chipping on my nails after 12 hours and the color shift is non-existent OUT of the bottle. I’m actually really sad about this one. I’m going to try again with a different top coat (I used Zoya Armor), and try more coats of the polish itself, but if this is one of those polishes that look fab in the bottle and great when a talented blogger takes photos from angles the human eye doesn’t see normally…. I’m going to have to call it a dud. 😦 Waahhhh!!

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