Back from Art Of The Belly!

Whew! I have shimmied until I couldn’t shimmy no ‘mo. I had a wonderful extended weekend of workshops with the magnificent Jill Parker, performed fun sets with both of my troupes, shopped more than I should have, and took in amazing shows by some of my favorite dancers. I am now super tired, and slept in much later than usual. Trying to wake myself up with coffee so I can ship out jewelry orders that came in my absence and take care of loose ends so I can get down to business this week.

But first! I thought it would be fun to show you my stage makeup. From the close-up, I actually don’t know if I was wearing enough makeup for the stage I was dancing on (which was biiiiig), but then again, this was taken with a crappy camera phone, since I didn’t want to lose my good camera in the mad scramble.


This was makeup #1 for my set with Transcendence Tribal. We are an ATS troupe who decided to pay homage to the roots of “tribal” bellydance in the US by emulating the look of Jamila Salimpour’s Bal Anat troupe. There was lots of black with accents of cream, nude, and maroon, with lots of texture, like lace and oodles of assuit fabric. Assuit. Droooool. The pink sash is actually not part of my costume, but a cover-up, since it is considered rude to wear your costume uncovered while another performer is on stage. My hair was worn deliberately low and sashed because I knew I would not have enough time to change both hair AND costume for my second set with Verve Tribal, in which I’d have to balance a sword on my head and dance at the same time.

The eyes were done with the Urban Decay Naked palette, foundation was two full pumps of Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation for ultimate matte opacity, and lips were also Kat Von D- Hellbent, which I got in mini form from a set last Christmas. I also put Rimmel’s black ScandalEyes liner on my waterline. For my second set, I added Makeup Forever’s Plum Holodiam Powder all over everything for a glittery teal wash.

Final bit of makeup-y goodness from AOTB: my fortune, taken on my way out of town as we stopped for sushi. Nails are Zoya’s Faye.



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