One look, two ways.

As I was getting ready to go out this week, I found myself running low on time but wanting colorful looks nonetheless. I turned to three products I’ve reviewed recently because they were handy– Fyrinnae eyeshadows in Herbivore and Meerkat, and the gold from the BareMinerals September Issue palette. I decided to use these three products in two looks– one simple, and one more dramatic.

Here’s the simple look– for it, I used Meerkat in the crease and outer corner, Herbivore in the inner corner, and a soft pop of gold in the center. I used one of Stila’s Smudge Stick eyeliners in Purple Tang, then smudged it gently. I kept the mascara to the tips for a softer look. I didn’t even bother with penciling my eyebrows.

Purple and Gold - Two Ways

The second look is the more dramatic of the two. It’s not full on theatrical or anything, but it’s a definite made up look. I used a wash of gold in the crease, Meerkat across the lid, and a teeny bit of Herbivore in the inner corner.

The big difference is the liquid liner. I used Eyeko’s Skinny Eyeliner in purple. Eyeko makes my favorite liquid liner– it’s like a felt-tipped pen, and it’s extremely easy to use. I’m still working on my liquid liner skills– it always turns out a little thicker than I’d like it to– but this is definitely the easiest product I’ve used for it. Plus it stays on like nobody’s business. I currently have the black and purple, and I’d like to get the brown and teal as well.

Under the bottom lash, I used a little more Stila Purple Tang on the outer 1/3, and Herbivore in the center. Then I gave it a really nice coat of black mascara to finish it off.

Purple and Gold - Two Ways

The day I did the theatrical look, I just didn’t have it in me to blow dry my hair, so I left it loose and naturally wavy, with little braids pulling part of the top part back. It ended up looking very sci fi Viking, don’tcha think?

Wavy Hair

On second thought, maybe it’s time for bangs.


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