Saint Patty’s Manicure.

As a Pagan, you’d think that I’d let Saint Patrick’s Day slip quietly by. And it’s true, I’m not a big fan of the guy. But I am ancestrally Irish, I do like green, and I had two new polishes to try out. So.

Saint Patty's ManicureSaint Patty's ManicureThis manicure was done with the cheapo drugstore brand, Sinful Colors. Having failed to find the Irish Green shade, I used the more neon Innocent, a chartreuse shade, topped with Call You Later, a glitter with shades of green and gold.

Unnnnnfortunately, this mani lasted under 24 hours. The next morning, one full nail had come off in its entirety, as if I’d painted my nails with Elmer’s glue. I still haven’t figured out what happened to it. One hot shower later, and the rest of the nails were peeling off in sheets.

Guess my nails have the same opinion of Saint Patrick that I do.


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