EcoTools Six Piece Starter Brush Set

EcoTools 6 PC Starter Set

While I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about makeup and beauty, there are some fairly large holes in my bag of tricks. I have a tendency to stick with what works for me personally, though I am trying to branch out.

One area that needs some work: brushes. My brush collection is woefully small. Before I purchased this six-piece kit, the brushes I own were limited to the MAC 217 eye blending brush, the MAC 239 eyeshadow brush, a Sephora small crease blush, and an old travel-size Sephora blush brush that DESPERATELY needs replacing. For my foundation, I use a Beautyblender, which I find gives a very natural, buffed out look.

My favorite brush to date, an old double-ended Tarte brush with one end for shadows and the other for crease blending, went mysteriously missing last month. Despite looking under every surface in my home with a flashlight, I have not yet been able to recover it.  (Cats, I tell you. One day, I am going to find a horde of pens, single earrings, and this freaking brush.)

So, I need some brushes. Badly. Particularly a blush/powder brush and an angled eyeliner brush.  The bad news: brushes can be extremely expensive if you go high-end or even mid-grade. Trust me when I tell you that those little spongy things that come with drugstore eyeshadows will never do you justice.  When I came across this kit for $12 at my local Walgreens, my curiosity got the better of me. Tempted by the eco-friendly claims and the incredible value, I snagged the set.

EcoTools 6 PC Starter Set

A bit about the company: EcoTools says their aim is to be a leader in eco-conscious beauty. Their brushes are made from bamboo and recycled materials. They are cruelty-free. This is something I can get behind. I love that cruelty-free beauty has come leaps and bounds in the last few years, and much of it is becoming even more affordable.

This kit includes: a lash and eyebrow groomer, a concealer brush, a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and an angled eyeliner brush.

After playing around with them for a few looks, here are my thoughts:

The Good:

— The value. Really, it is a wonderful value. The brushes are all very soft and incredibly usable.

— My favorite two brushes were the eyeshadow brush and the angled eyeliner brush. The eyeshadow brush is my favorite kind of brush– densely packed and slightly stiff, good for loading pigment on the lid. It’s not particularly great for blending, but you really should have a fluffier brush for blending anyway. The angled liner worked very well and was perfectly stiff without being jabby.

— The hemp and cotton casing it came in was very nice! It has pretty antique copper accents, holds several brushes, and even has a little pocket on the backside. This is tailor-made for traveling.

EcoTools 6 PC Starter Set

The Not-So-Good:

— While the blush brush is EXTREMELY soft (yay!), it also shed like a mofo. Seriously, a lot of shedding. Looks like I’m still in the market for a good blush/powder brush. EcoTools does make another blush brush independent of this kit that gets great reviews from other bloggers, so that may be another one to try.

— The bamboo is extremely lightweight. This is not necessarily a minus, but I may come back and amend this post if there are wear problems.

— Personal preference: I prefer metal eyelash combs. I just don’t think plastic does as good a job. But this one does work, at least.

EcoTools 6 PC Starter Set

Overall, I’d say that if you’re on a budget, you could do worse than to pick up this set. You’re still going to need something to apply foundation and a fluffy crease brush, but this is a decent starter kit. I think it’s an amazing price for what you get, and the case is a wonderful extra.

In the world of beauty, I am still learning. My next step in self-education is bronzer/contouring. As a pale, round-faced chick, I’ve been hesitant to learn, but Pinterest has lots of interesting tutorials. I’ll be sure to report back.

As far as brush education goes, I still am not *quite* sure what buffing brushes or kabuki brushes would add to my own personal routine. I am going to have a meetup with a friend who’s a MUA on Thursday. She’s going to be applying makeup for me, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to pick her brain on the tools of the trade.

So tell me: what brushes in your stash could you not live without? What important thing about brushes would you like to share with a relative novice like me?


3 thoughts on “EcoTools Six Piece Starter Brush Set

  1. I would definitely suggest trying a buffer brush. It does wonders for applying foundation in a jiffy, while blending it in seamlessly. It’s also great for applying and blending cream blushes and bronzers. Very multi-purpose, so a good investment. The one by Real Techniques is not expensive, and works beautifully. (Actually, most of their face brushes are good and affordable options if you’re starting to build your collection).

    Also, a pointed blending brush. A pointed tip helps you do precise crease work, but with added pressure you can also use it to blend. It’s also ideal if you want to do a soft wash. Cozette makes a beautiful one.

    A fluffy synthetic or duo-fiber crease brush, which is amazing for applying and diffusing cream eyeshadow, as well as concealer. The Real Techniques Shadow Dome Brush can work, though I’m partial to the MAC 286.

    A good blush brush and powder brush, of course. I love the Inglot 1SS and the ones from OCC and Cozette, but again, the Real Techniques ones are good, and so affordable.

    I looooove brushes. I am a brush freak. If you ever want to talk shop, give me a shout. 🙂

    • Hey, sorry to butt in but I saw this comment and OMG I would LOVE to know what kind of concealer brush you recommend… maybe a couple, actually, so I can price point compare? I need something to apply concealer under my eyes, my fingers aren’t getting the job done the way the videos with folks who use brushes seem to. I know NOTHING about brushes except that some of them are very very $$. If you have the time/inclination, I would so grateful. Thank you in advance!

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