Sunset-Inspired Look

Yesterday morning, as I was trawling Pinterest for inspiration (as I often do), I came across this pin which showed a fantastic peachy-orange eye look with a pop of fuchsia for liner.  How lovely is that?

As a blue-eyed (ish) gal and someone with a love of color, I decided to do something similar, as I can’t remember the last time I did a coral eye look. I’ve been in a bit of a nudes rut.

It turned out very prettily!Soft Sunset Look - EyesSo, to do this look, I started off by painting my lid and crease with Maybelline’s Inked In Pink. I then applied Fyrinnae’s Picture It: Sicily to my crease with a soft, fluffy blending brush (MAC 217). From there, I used a slightly damp eyeshadow brush (MAC 239) to pat in Fyrinnae’s Rapunzel Had Extensions over the lid. I went back over the crease with the MAC 217 to make sure the whole look was blended.

Next, I used another brush, the EcoTools Angled Liner Brush (which I will review shortly) to add BareMinerals’ Statement across the top lid and 3/4 of the lower lid. A little bit of Silhouette from the same palette was patted into my browbone as a highlight, and a coat of mascara, and voila. Eyes done.

Soft Sunset Look - Eyes Soft Sunset Look - Eyes

In retrospect, I probably should have curled my lashes, but it’s not a part of my regular routine, so I forewent. I have to be careful when I do because my lashes are already quite long– if I use a mascara that smudges AT ALL, I will have little black dots on my browbone and under my eyes at the end of the day. (And you can even see a few under my eyes in these shots.)

To finish the look, I used Stila Convertible Color in Lillium on my cheeks, and then Mary Kay lipstick in Sunset on my lips, topped with Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Papaya.

Mary Kay Lipstick -  Sunset

Mary Kay Lipstick – Sunset

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss - PapayaSoft Sunset Look - LipsThe finished look:

Soft Sunset Look

Soft Sunset Look

And for an extra bit of fun, I used a clippy from IKickShins to pull it all together. Perfume was Rasa by Haunt. Fun fact about me: I have synesthesia. My brain often interprets scents as colors. Therefore my perfume has to “match” my outfit. There are days when I’ve had to wash off perfume or change my clothing because I was so sensitive to the colors clashing that it drove me batty. The lovely warm orange tone I get from Rasa melded perfectly with this look.

Soft Sunset Look - Hair


3 thoughts on “Sunset-Inspired Look

  1. I love orange tones with blue eyes. 🙂 And that lip colour is GORGEOUS on you. Love.

    Do you ever tightline your eyes? I find a bit of black at the lashes helps to keep the look clean when I work with very vivid tones, especially red, around the eyes.

  2. Synesthesia? Drives me batty when my music and clothes and make-up clash. I don’t get too many scents with colours, but music? Oh, man. Makes going to concerts tough sometimes when the lighting doesn’t match the colours of the music…

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