Current Manicure: Soft Gilded Green

Essie As Gold As It Gets, Zoya Neely

Essie As Gold As It Gets, Zoya Neely

I have finally un-purpled myself enough to show you my manicure, which is so soft and pretty today. I absolutely cannot wait for the warmer weather that Spring will bring, and I’m graving dreamy pastels, both on my fingertips and in the materials I’m working with in my studio.

For my current manicure, I used two coats of Zoya’s Neely, a sweet mint green that pulls blue in some lights. I warmed it up and added some sparkle by topping it off with a coat of Essie’s As Gold As It Gets topcoat. The result is sooo pretty.


Sorry about the haggard state of my cuticles. I work with metal and heat and sandpaper as part of my jewelry business, and it can be so hard to keep my fingers in presentable condition. It’s rough on my nails and hands.  Even in the above photo, I’m tilting my hand so that you can’t see the ugly cut I got on my index finger last week that will probably scar. I have never been one for lotions, but I think a good before bedtime salve might be in order.


3 thoughts on “Current Manicure: Soft Gilded Green

  1. If she goes live with it, Paintbox Soapworks has a cuticle balm that is awesome as a before bed treatment. I’m a Guinea pig for her on it right now.

  2. Cute look for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂 I’m awful about my cuticles. There is a nail place by my house that does $15 manicures. I go once a month just to have them clean up my nails.

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