Unsung Heroes: My Favorite Facial Wipes

Yes to... Facial Wipes

Yes to… Facial Wipes, Grapefruit and Blueberry

I want to take a moment to sing the praises of a staple in my beauty routine. I’m talking about the facial wipes in the “Yes To…” line, which began with Yes To Carrots and expanded from there into more delicious edibles. (I’m a carrot hater. I am unrepentant in this respect.)

Of the facial wipes this company offers, there is Yes To Grapefruits (Exfoliating and Brightening), Yes To Blueberries (Age Refresh), Yes To Tomatoes (Blemish Clearing), and Yes To Cucumbers (Soothing). I have tried all but Cucumbers.

It’s impossible for me to understate this: I LOVE THESE THINGS.

My facial skin is delicate. So delicate that if I use a regular washcloth, my skin will be pink and raw for a day or so afterwards. Painful. These give me no problems, however. I use Blueberries every night– no, I don’t need Age Refresh at the ripe old age of 29, but these smell fantastic. Like lemon blueberry. And they leave my skin feeling fresh and slightly moisturized, not astringent and dry. (I did feel slightly dryer after using Tomatoes, however).  The newest addition to the line, Grapefruits, has a subtle exfoliating element that is micro-fine and didn’t irritate my skin at all. So yay.

While these aren’t touted specifically for removing makeup, they do take it off wonderfully. One towlette, and I get everything off. I used one towlette to remove every swatch I took in one day, even.

Plus? This is just too cute and makes me smile whenever I see it.

Yes to... Facial Wipes

Yes to… Facial Wipes

The towlettes retail for about $8 and can be found in drugstores. I’ve also found them at Target!


3 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes: My Favorite Facial Wipes

  1. I’ve tried out one of their other products (a facial cleaner, the blueberry one) and hated it, but my skin is super-duper-gross oily, so I think “age refresh” is the least of my issues right now. I haven’t seen THESE though, and I’m so lazy about makeup removal. I should try them out.

  2. I went looking for these while I was running errands on Saturday and I found tomato and cucumber. Since you mentioned that tomato made your skin feel a bit dry, I decided to try cucumber and I LOVE THEM. They really make my skin feel clean and refreshed, plus they’ve got that great cucumber-clean smell. I was able to take off all my makeup, including several coats of mascara, with one towelette. In the past, I’ve had to wash my face after using this type of product, but that wasn’t an issue with these.

    Thanks for the recommendation! I really want to find the grapefruit ones and try those next. 🙂

  3. I found the cucumber on sale and tried them. I had already tried Yes to Blueberries, but your post reminded me of that pleasant experience. The cucumber ones are a little more astringent compared to the blueberry, but still mild enough on my sensitive skin. I keep them by my nightstand now, so I can remove makeup if I fall asleep before washing my face. One works on my entire face and neck and I wear a lot of highly-pigmented makeup.

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